zaterdag 1 oktober 2016

BUE 023: Channel to Utopia - Game App

Patrick Bernauw: "Channeling is a modern form of spiritism or mediumship. Through automatic writing or, in my case, through found and blackout poetry, a spiritual entity will enter the body of the medium, and use it to interact with other people. In the summer of 2016, I visited the Tower of London several times. Listening to and meditating on the soundscapes and music by Naami with an old MP3 Player, I was doing some blackout channeling experiments. In the day following the creation of a blackout, there were always electronic voice messages to be found on the MP3 Player... and on the soundscape I was listening to while creating the blackout poetry. I realised I was receiving messages through Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) and Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). It looked like Thomas More was speaking to me, who 500 year ago published his bookUtopia, and was beheaded in the Tower of London..."

The blackout channelings were turned into an OJOO Game App:  

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